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May 30

bloody wounds, particularly ferocious

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The sixty-fifth chapter Berserker spirit] nuclear "-! Wheezy! Wheezy!..." The peak shape on the river in room five, the original tall badly bruised from flogging. At this time, bloody wounds, particularly ferocious. Call! At the peak of his hands again and again, swinging, changing a mysterious hand Jue, colorful mottled psychic powers such as silk silk trickle into the body, nourish the bones and muscles... Feeling exhausted meridian, filling and five increase slightly mottled spiritual power, peak mouth slightly raised. "Did not think of the room five weight to exercise the effect is so good! But obviously the meridians of the power flow than previously added, if it is to catch up with the inferior spirit root people practice degrees! One day, the peak peak must embark on a budo!" He clenched his fists, flashing a cold long grass, eyes like a hawk peak generally cold and stern. A starry night countless, month cold frost. The night has come, darkness enveloped the earth, the sky, the silver moon hanging, faint moonlight, thin wields sprinkles, some dark, slowly expelled...... After dinner the peak Hing quality Bobo sitting in a chair, quietly listening to the old man told the 6 bones of various anecdotes. "Odin 6 broad geographical pole, there were 6 big nineteen Empire, were the four holy" thunder "Yangu" club "powder" Moon "" sword Gang Zong "control, four holy is the big 6 real tyrant has natural position. So, encounter four holy people pay special attention to not conflict. In addition, in addition to the boundless expanse of the sea, long island, Phoenix Phoenix Valley, fierce beast mountains, there are eight risk as well as many ancient ruins in dangerous, fierce beast rampage, you need a lot of attention after walking 6. When Shi Bojian Wang Gaojie was in the desolate forest adventure, personally beheaded a king to green bristle snow leopard. The result was his mother a blade emperor to green bristle snow leopard hunting some died on the spot was, I was at that time to meet your master, also in the desolate forest Lilian Sidney,Coach New Arrivals Bags, in his own life killer a blade emperor began to rage demons nuclear detonation's help,Oakleys Juliet Sunglasses, I'm narrowly escape. "" yes, your master was born on the history of imperial family di eight statue of Caesar's family, but later because some things, and family quarrel, so has been alone in the big 6 back." Seems to be suddenly aware of the problem, a way of old bones. "Crazy spirit nuclear explosion? What is that thing?" Peak Wenyan, curious asked. "When it comes to violent spirit nuclear ah, I have to mention a big 6 the last noble occupation to spirit division, it and the pharmacist, Whitsundays division, and known as the big 6 of three of the most noble occupation. Refining spirit division is not only proficient in a variety of weapons,Coach Bags Sale, but also through the arcane for refining of spirit to become a nuclear explosion can be directly, the power equivalent to the level of a fierce beast to violent spirit nuclear. But more is the spirit of nuclear level of success rate is low, but after the failure of the power of the explosion is great, so advanced nuclear in the big 6 violent spirit is extremely rare." Skeleton man ha ha say with smile." "I know that the pharmacist, Whitsundays division is stem what of?" Peak eye one bright, busy asked. "The Whitsundays division accuracy to >
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